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3 Common Myths about Sick Leave

When an employee becomes sick, it is often necessary for them to miss time from work. This is important not only for the health and well-being of the sick employee, but for the rest of the organization, as well. It is important that all employees understand the facts about sick leave. Therefore, this article is meant to address some of the most common myths regarding sick leave.

Myth: If I took two consecutive days off, I have to present a sick leave certificate to my employer.

Fact: Employers are only allowed to request evidence certifying that an employee was sick if the employee has missed more than two consecutive days of work.

Myth: My employer isn’t allowed to question the validity of my sick leave certificate.

Fact: Employers have the right to question whether the sick leave certificate presented by the employee is legitimate. However, there must be some sort of tangible evidence in order for the employer to refuse to accept an employee’s sick leave certificate.

Myth: My employer is required to pay me for my sick days.

Fact: While many employees are guaranteed paid sick days by their work contracts, there are no federal regulations in place requiring employers to pay for days missed by employees because of illness.

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