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3 Myths about Employment Termination

In the state of Texas, employment is considered to be on an at-will basis. This means that the employer and employee both have the right to end their working relationship without cause. However, many employees have contractual agreements with their employers which stipulate a number of different requirements for termination. For this reason, a number of different myths about employment termination and the law have become widespread. This article is meant to address some of these misconceptions.

Myth: My employer is required to mail me my final paycheck.

Fact: This is only true if the employee has quit within 72 hours and requested to have their paycheck mailed to them. Otherwise, the employer is only required to keep the employee’s paycheck wherever paychecks are typically distributed.

Myth: My employer is required to give me two weeks’ severance pay.

Fact: Because employment in Texas is at-will, employers are under no obligation to provide any form of severance pay.

Myth: I must be given a written warning before I can be terminated.

Fact: No federal or state laws stipulate that any type of warning, written or otherwise, must be given to an employee before they are terminated from their job.

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