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3 Workplace Harassment Myths

In the United States, federal laws protect all employees from harassment in the workplace based on a wide range of different factors. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these protections, or else do not fully understand them. To make matters worse, a number of different popular myths and misconceptions have become widespread in recent years. The following list addresses some of the most common of these:

Myth: Sexual harassment is the only type of unlawful harassment.

Fact: Because of its salacious nature, sexual harassment tends to get the most media attention. However, harassment against individuals because of their race, religion, gender, national origin, or a number of other factors may also constitute an illegal form of harassment in the workplace.

Myth: A single instance of offensive behavior cannot count as illegal harassment.

Fact: While it is much easier to file a harassment claim based on persistent offensive behavior, in some circumstances, such as physical assault or use of extremely offensive language, a single instance may qualify as illegal workplace harassment.

Myth: Harassment must be intended to intimidate or offend.

Fact: Many people who are guilty of harassment in the workplace are unaware that their behavior is offensive or unwanted. Nevertheless, it is the victim’s perception of harassment that matters most in a workplace harassment case.

These represent only a sampling of the most common myths and misconceptions regarding workplace harassment.

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