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Breaking the Boys’ Club

Over the past few decades, women have become an increasingly vital part of the workforce. Barriers that used to keep women out of important company positions and in the secretarial pool have been broken down, and women have taken their place in the office along with men. However, there are still some holdovers from the only recently deceased era of the male-driven workplace. As a woman, it is important to recognize if your work environment is tacitly keeping you separated from the men.

The Glass Ceiling

“The Glass Ceiling” is a term for subtly discriminating business practices that keep someone from reaching the top levels of a company due to race or sex. The glass ceiling has long been a problem for women in the workforce, and though a lot has changed about the office environment over the past thirty years, there are still some very real problems faced by women in the workplace. According to US Census Bureau information from 2003, women on average make about 75 cents for every dollar made by men.

The Boys’ Club

“The Boys’ Club” is a term that refers to the system in place in many offices in which the men act as a sort of fraternity, sharing in jokes and rituals that exclude women. While it may not be deliberate, the male-only camaraderie can make it very difficult and stressful for women trying to perform in the same office.

The Boys’ Club and Glass Ceiling are two instances of cultures in place that can prevent women in the workplace from reaching their full potential. Even if they aren’t official company policies, they can be de facto policies, enforced by entrenched management. You can be the victim of workplace discrimination and not realize it.

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