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Burn injuries are a serious cause of problems in the workplace. There are many ways that workers can burn themselves, but there are also some effective safety measures that should be put in place by the employer to protect the employees as much as possible. The workers are responsible for protecting themselves as much as they can, but if they are not given the proper training or equipment, they can not avoid some injuries.

Burns occur in a variety of ways. Certainly any company that uses fire or hot materials as part of their production process would be at a risk for their employees being injured. Metalworking companies, for example, that have to heat materials so that they can be manipulated, would be a significant source of burn injuries.

Additionally, many companies work with chemicals that can burn. Acids and other caustic chemicals can be extremely harmful if they come in direct contact with the skin or if the fumes are inhaled. Proper precaution must be taken, but this is only effective if used in tandem with necessary safety equipment provided by the company.

Also, many buildings and warehouses are not fully equipped with fire safety equipment, like sprinkler systems and up-to-date fire extinguishers.

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