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Child Labor: What Jobs Are Exempted Under Texas Law?

Businesses in the service sectors often employ minors, and working teenagers are likely to find themselves working as waiters, delivery boys, errand runners, and caterers. There are a number of laws which protect the rights of minors in the workforce, collectively known as child labor laws. However, there are some jobs which are exempt under Texas State Law from being governed by child labor laws.

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The following circumstances are exempted from standard Texas labor laws:

  • The minor in question is over 11 years of age, and is employed delivering newspapers to consumers. In this instance, the child must strictly be delivering the papers, not selling them. This is the distribution of newspapers, not directly selling them.
  • The minor is 16 or older and is engaged in the sale of newspapers.
  • The minor is participating in a school-sanctioned, school-supervised work-study program. Furthermore, the program must have been approved by the state.
  • The minor is employed in the agricultural sector, at a time of year during which he or she is not required to attend school.
  • The minor is employed in a rehabilitation program capacity, approved and supervised by a judge.
  • The minor is engaged in safe, non-hazardous casual employment to which his or her guardian has consented. This includes employment such as casual babysitting.

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