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Crane Accidents

There are very few construction projects these days that do not involve the use of at least one crane. They are required to lift heavy objects and to transport things up high on multi-story buildings so that workers do not have to carry them up. Cranes are designed to take up little space on the ground so that they can squeeze in to tight construction sites in crowded areas.

Because they are meant to be in small areas, the engineering of cranes is very complex and is sometimes dangerous. They are designed to have a very sturdy base firmly anchored to the ground so that the long arm can support and swing the weight of the materials. Often, the base is not anchored correctly or the operator picks up objects that are simply too heavy. When this happens, the crane can fall over.

In addition to imbalanced weight distribution, the cables that hold the lifted objects can break, dropping hundreds or thousands of pounds onto unsuspecting construction workers. Construction workers are almost always around cranes and these machines have a very real danger of collapsing or falling on nearby workers.

The cranes are built to be sturdy and handle huge loads, so they are also very heavy. Their metal frames are massive and can be very destructive when they fall.

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