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Discriminatory Dress Codes

There are no federal laws stating what may or may not be worn to work. Employers usually will define the dress code at the start of employment, and employees are expected to comply. Are employers legally protected from banning the wearing of unprofessional clothing in the workplace? In a word, yes, but if the dress code discriminates based on sex or religion, it may be considered workplace discrimination.

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Examples of Dress Code Discrimination

While employers do have the right to set an official workplace dress code, these dress codes may be discriminatory if they:

  • Disallows clothing for religious reasons
  • Place an inordinate burden on women as opposed to men (i.e., skirts as a requirement)
  • Disallow clothing for cultural / racial reasons

It may make sense for a company to enact a dress code for employees, especially those who serve as the company’s public face, interacting with the general public. However, when requirements are unfairly put in place that affect some workers and not others, a discrimination lawsuit may be appropriate.

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