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Drinking on the Job

A lot of Americans like nothing better than to kick back after a long day on the job with a beer or a glass of wine and unwind. It feels nice to loosen up and let the hassles of the day dissolve away. You may even look forward to that moment while you’re at work, feeling the stress of the job and wishing you had a bit of relief from the pressures of the office or factory. But when you start drinking on the job, you may become a problem not just to yourself, but to everybody else around you.

Alcohol: A Depressant

It may seem strange to think about alcohol being a depressant, since it often makes you feel happy, talkative, and spirited. But when doctors say that alcohol is a depressant, they don’t mean that it depresses you emotionally. What they mean is that alcohol diminishes your body’s and mind’s functioning ability so that you are less able to control yourself and your actions. Understandably, this makes you a less-than-desirable employee to have around.

Most companies have policies against drinking on the job for just that reason. Abusing alcohol can affect your work and, depending on your work environment, the safety of those around you. If your job has you operating machinery, you could be putting those around you in very serious danger.


If things get to the point where you are relying on drinking to get you through the day, you may be an alcoholic. It can be very difficult to admit to yourself and to others that you have a problem, but it is important for your safety and the safety of yours around you that you acknowledge your disease and do not let it control you. Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can help you overcome your addiction and work your way back to a healthy life.

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