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Drinking-Related Dangers at an Office Party

Many offices choose to celebrate the end of the year by hosting a party for employees, either on company property or an outside location like a restaurant. These events can be a good way to boost employee morale while having some holiday fun. However, there are also certain pitfalls that need to be avoided for the sake of everyone’s comfort and safety.

Employers’ liability for injuries suffered at holiday parties can be a tricky area of the law. For knowledgeable guidance about your rights and obligations as a worker or employer, call the Austin employment lawyers of The Melton Law Firm at 512-330-0017.

Tips for Party Hosts

A fun party can quickly become a disaster when certain protocols are not observed. Some simple ways that employers can reduce the odds of a party-related injury include:

  • Be very clear about behavioral standards. It is all too easy for people to forget that a holiday party is still a workplace event, especially when alcohol is being served. Send out memos in the days leading up to the party to make sure everyone knows what behavior is expected of them, and the consequences for bad behavior.
  • Serve alcohol in moderation. In fact, some companies choose not to serve alcoholic beverages at all. If there will be alcohol at your party, make sure the servers understand that they are not to serve anyone who is visibly intoxicated. Having employees pay for their own drinks can also reduce the amount of alcohol consumption.
  • Make sure everyone can get home safely. You may want to organize a designated driver system before the event, or arrange for taxis to take your workers home. There are many ways to make sure your employees avoid the dangers of drinking and driving.

When businesses fail to take reasonable precautions, injured employees may have grounds for an Austin workplace injury claim.

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