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Elevator Mishaps on the Job

Many employees working in a variety of different fields get in and out of elevators several times a day. Office workers, construction workers, messengers and delivery boys, practically anyone working in a city: they all put themselves in elevators countless times over a year. Like anything we do on a regular basis, it has become second-nature, and we often forget about the dangers that can be imposed in the process.

Every year, about 30 people die in elevator accidents in the United States, with thousands more sustaining injuries. These injuries can keep you from doing your job, and can potentially have long-term negative repercussions on your lifestyle. Following these tips can help you stay safe and prevent potential elevator accidents:

  • Watch your step when entering the elevator. Many people do not notice if there is a gap between the level of the floor and the level of the elevator.
  • Hold any children or pets carefully.
  • Be careful of the closing doors.
  • If you need to hold the door, push the “open door” button rather than using your hands. The elevator could have a faulty sensor and close on your hand.
  • After pressing the button for your desired floor, step carefully to the side, holding a handrail if it’s present.
  • Disembark carefully, again minding any gap and paying close attention to children or pets.

Being mindful of the potential dangers of elevator accidents can greatly reduce your risks of being involved in one. As with many accidents, being aware of the dangers can be all the difference between a safe ride and a painful injury.

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