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Executive Search

It can be very difficult to hire new people from outside of an organization to fill roles like CEO, VP, Directors, or Managers. The applicant pool for these positions, as they have very specific and strenuous qualifications, is very small. Viable candidates can be difficult to find, and the company searching for a new hire can often be in a position where they do not have time to successfully look into this process.

Executive search firms, often called headhunters, are companies that specialize in finding the right individuals to take high-level positions at various companies. It is important to understand that they work for the company looking to hire, not for the people they may potentially place in that position. Individuals looking to be employed in various companies will need to seek other services than headhunters to find the job they are looking for.

Headhunting is a very lucrative business, and can be extremely competitive. For this reason, many companies specialize in certain market niches, like manufacturing, technology, oil and gas, etc.

The executive search firm will find applicants, approach them about the opening, interview them, and assess their compatibility with the company’s stated goals. This can be difficult because, in many cases, the best candidates are currently employed by that company’s competitors.

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