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False Claims Act

Sometimes, individuals and businesses file false claims against the federal government in an effort to receive excess or additional payments. The False Claims Act gives a private individual the right to act as a whistleblower against a party that has committed fraud against the U.S. government. In return, the person may receive a reward for his or her actions.

If a person discovers fraudulent activity against the government, he or she may act as a whistleblower and pursue legal action against the wrongful party on behalf of the government under the False Claims Act. For more information on your rights as a whistleblower, contact the Austin whistleblower attorneys The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017.

Types of Fraud

Some examples of fraud against the U.S. government include:

  • Healthcare fraud, including false Medicare claims
  • Loan fraud, including student loan and federal loan fraud
  • Shipping and customs fraud
  • Postal service fraud
  • Government grant fraud

These are serious crimes that affect all taxpayers. If you suspect that your employer is committing fraud, it is important to speak up.

Whistleblower Protection

Those who file a lawsuit under the False Claims Act may receive some of the final damages awarded in the case in return for their actions. However, some people are afraid to pursue such a claim against their employers due to the risk of retaliatory acts, such as being fired or demoted. It is important to understand that under the law, whistleblowers are legally protected from such retaliation.

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