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Freezing Temperatures at Work

People work in some unbelievable conditions. There are employees doing their jobs in everything from scorching deserts to glaciers. These temperature extremes can be absolutely brutal on the workers, and it is important for the employer to make their employees’ jobs as safe as possible.

Low temperatures are very dangerous. When the body’s internal temperature drops as little as a few degrees, hypothermia can set in, frostbite can occur, and the cold can eventually cause fatalities. Workers must take their own precautions, like taking warm liquids with them on the job and other such efforts.

It is equally important that the employers do their part to ensure the safety of their employees. They could do things like provide proper attire, like heavy coats or boots, as well as provide breaks for the workers to go inside and warm up periodically.

In some cases, workers are unprepared for these extreme temperatures because they are not told about them up front or the circumstance is unexpected. It is these situations that are the most dangerous because both the worker and the company are unprepared for them.

Many regions of the world have freezing temperatures for large parts of the year, and also some places in warmer climates require buildings or areas that are kept at very low temperatures because of the nature of the work done there. Both of these situations can be conducive to worker injuries.

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