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Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act

The Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act, also called the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act, was passed in 1978 when President Carter signed it into law. It was drafted in the midst of fears of an economic recession, brought about by rising unemployment and inflation.

The bill had four main goals, all tied to realizing America’s economic potential. They include:

  • Full employment
  • Growth in production
  • Price stability
  • Balance in trade and budget

The Act was different from many other bills before it in that it set specific goals for the government to achieve in a set amount of time. For example, by 1983, they wanted unemployment rates to be no higher than 3% for people over age 20, and inflation to be no higher than 4%. The goals got more stringent as time went on, and Congress was given the ability to revise the benchmarks at a later date.

The main idea, though, was to have all possible working-age, able-bodied and willing workers employed. The thought was that America’s economy, and therefore the nation as a whole, would be strongest if everyone who wanted to work could work. The Act expressly prohibits any discrimination in every program created as a result of the bill’s passage.

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