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Illegal Hiring Practices

When an employer prepares to hire a new employee, he or she is supposed to make a decision to fill the role based on the qualifications and skills of applicants. Unfortunately, some employers may pass on a perfectly qualified candidate for reasons that would not affect the person’s work ability.

This is a form of hiring discrimination, which is illegal under Texas employment law. If you feel you were not hired for a job based on factors that would not affect your performance, contact the Austin labor attorneys of The Melton Law Firm, today at 512-330-0017 to discuss your legal options.

Discrimination in Hiring

Discrimination in hiring is usually based on personal characteristics that have no effect on a person’s ability to perform a certain job. Unlike qualifications and skills, these characteristics are often beyond an individual’s control and bear no reflection on the individual’s abilities. These characteristics may include:

  • Race
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Religious beliefs

When an employer bases an employment decision on one of these factors rather than on an individual’s qualifications, he or she has acted against the law. In these cases, individuals who feel that they have been discriminated against may have the basis for legal action.

To learn more about taking legal action against employers who engage in illegal hiring practices, contact an Austin labor law attorney.

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