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Lack of Basic Medical Equipment

There are many injuries that happen in the workplace. The majority of them are unavoidable accidents that simply happen in the course of life and work, but some of them do not have to happen. It is important that, no matter what the root cause of the accident, the company has a few basic medical supplies on hand to deal with these injuries until professional medical treatment can be obtained.

These medical supplies would not be anything that should substitute a thorough evaluation or treatment from a medical professional. The expected medical equipment to have on hand would be consistent with what one would expect to have in a basic first-aid kit.

Band-aids, gauze pads, antibacterial cream, wraps, bandages, and other such equipment can serve as a stop-gap measure to keep the injury from worsening before the injured person can get medical attention from a professional.

It can be very unfortunate if a person is injured at work and the company does not have the standard first-aid equipment on hand to keep the injury from worsening in the time between when it occurs and when the victim can get to a doctor.

Some places, like schools, have other equipment, like a defibrillator, that goes beyond standard first-aid supplies. These can also be extremely helpful and can save lives in certain situations.

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It is important that the employer keep a safe work environment for the employees. If you or someone you love has been injured or has had an injury worsen due to a lack of basic medical equipment at work, you may be entitled to reparations. For more information, contact an Austin employment lawyer at The Melton Law Firm by calling (512) 330-0017.

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