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Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act

The Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA) is designed to protect migrant and seasonal agricultural workers from employment discrimination and unfair conditions. There are many stipulations that are aimed at making sure that employers treat these workers fairly. It is important to have legislation like this because these workers, much more than other groups, are probably unlikely to stand up for their own rights because they may not be aware of them.

Some of the stipulations of the MSPA regarding what employers must do include:

  • Disclosing terms and conditions of employment if requested
  • Posting worker protections at work site
  • Keeping payroll records for 3 years and providing itemized payments and deduction invoices for each pay period
  • If housing or vehicles are provided, they must meet federal and state insurance, safety, and performance standards. Also, drivers must be properly licensed
  • Compliance with any agreements made with workers

Clearly, the stipulations of the MSPA are designed so that employers of migrant and seasonal agricultural workers do not abuse their employees. Some of them may not know English very well, which means it is very unlikely that they are aware of their rights as employees. The MSPA tries to keep employers accountable for the treatment of their workers.

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