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Non-Disclosure Agreements

A non-disclosure agreement is a type of legal confidentiality contract between companies, individuals, or an employer and employee that ensures that neither party discloses certain confidential information to an outside party. This is to protect one party’s confidential information that could be used by others to gain a competitive advantage. Similar to non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements often benefit the employer but in some cases may infringe on the rights of the employee.

If you or someone you know has been subjected to an unfair non-disclosure agreement with an employer, the Austin employment attorneys at The Melton Law Firm, may be able to help. To speak with a lawyer about the legality of the terms and conditions of your employment contract, contact our offices today at 512-330-0017.

Elements of Non-Disclosure Agreements

Some employers may have trade secrets or confidential processes and therefore cannot risk a competitor learning the details of that information. For this reason, non-disclosure agreements are often essential to protect the interests of individuals and businesses. Non-disclosure agreements often include the following elements:

  • List and definition of confidential information
  • Involved parties
  • Period of disclosure
  • Term of confidentiality
  • Exclusions

While these agreements are typically created to protect employers from competition, they may sometimes contain conditions that unfairly prevent employees from using the job skills or information they have learned in their position in their future employment.

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If you or someone you know has been forced to sign an unfair non-disclosure agreement for employment, you may be able to fight back against the terms of the contract. To speak with an Austin employment lawyer about your legal rights and options, contact the law offices of The Melton Law Firm, at 512-330-0017.

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