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Overheating Work Conditions

Workers are required to provide safe conditions for their employees. Employees often do not have a say in the place they work or what condition that place is in, and it is the responsibility of the company or employer to make sure that they are safe and acceptable.

In some cases, especially those with unions or in some regulated industries, there are set of guidelines that must be met for working conditions that employees are guaranteed to have. If the worker does not meet these specified conditions, the workers can take action based on the regulations or the union agreement that should change the situation.

In the many cases that do not involve union agreements or federal requirements, though, companies often try to cut costs by making the work environment less than comfortable. In many places, especially those where it tends to get hot during the summer, employers do not always want to pay the high electricity bills that are required to air condition the spaces properly.

Many environments, like warehouses or factories, can reach unbelievably high temperatures during hot summer months. It is entirely possible that employees can be forced to work in these conditions that are unsafe and become over-heated as a result. Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and fainting are all signs that the working conditions may be unsafe.

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