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Overtime Pay Executive Exemptions

Fairly recently, the Department of Labor passed new laws that affected both minimum wage and overtime pay for U.S. employees. According to these new regulations, certain employees can no longer receive overtime pay, even if they work more than a 40 hour work week. There are now several different categories of employees who are considered exempt from receiving overtime, such as executives, if they meet certain qualifications.

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What Makes an Executive Exempt?

One group of employees that may not receive overtime pay is executive employees, who are considered such when they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be paid at least $455 per week
  • Must consistently be in charge of directing at least 2 other full-time employees
  • Must have a primary duty of overseeing the company or a division of the business
  • Must have the ability to fire or hire employees or have a say in those processes

If you are not receiving overtime pay because your company has labeled you an executive employee, but you do not meet these standards, do not hesitate to contact a qualified employment attorney who can help evaluate your situation.

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