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Proving Constructive Discharge

Unfortunately, many employers will attempt to get around wrongful termination charges or avoid firing an employee by creating a workplace environment that is so hostile and intolerable that an employee feels they can no longer work there under such abusive conditions. When this is the case, an employee may be eligible to receive compensation and benefits by filing a constructive discharge claim. However, in order to have these types of claims approved, a person must prove the environment and/or actions fit certain standards.

No one deserves to suffer abuse, in the workplace or any other environment. The Austin constructive discharge attorneys at The Melton Law Firm, can help you if you left your job due to a hostile work environment. Contact us today at 512-330-0017 to discuss taking legal action.

Proof Needed to Approve Your Claim

In order for a constructive discharge claim to be valid, the party filing the claim will need to prove a few things in their lawsuit, including:

  • There is a cause and effect relationship

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