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Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Religious workers may face religious discrimination in their workplaces, which is a violation of labor laws. This discrimination can come in many forms, such as being denied time off for religious observances or being ridiculed for one’s beliefs. But whatever the nature of the discrimination, it should not be tolerated.

Individuals who are targeted for religious discrimination in the workplace should fight for their legal rights to practice their religious beliefs freely and without mistreatment in employment. If you have been the victim of religious discrimination at work, contact the Austin labor law attorneys of The Melton Law Firm, at 512-330-0017.

Types of Religious Discrimination

Though ridiculing a person for his or her religious beliefs is a major violation of religious discrimination laws, this is just one way that a person can face religious discrimination at work. According to employment law, other illegal acts of religious discrimination are:

  • Denying time off requests for religious observances
  • Assigning tasks, disciplining, or promoting workers based on beliefs
  • Discriminating against workers who have filed religious discrimination complaints

These acts are impermissible under employment law, and victims of religious discrimination should not tolerate the treatment they receive.

At The Melton Law Firm, we understand that confronting an employer about religious discrimination can be difficult, so our Austin labor law attorneys are prepared to help you fight for your employment rights.

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Religious discrimination is a violation of labor laws. If you believe that you have been discriminated against in the workplace on the basis of your religious beliefs, contact the Austin labor law attorneys of The Melton Law Firm, at 512-330-0017 today to learn more about your legal rights as a worker.

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