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Retaliation for Sexual Harassment

One factor that keeps many sexual harassment charges from being reported is the fear that doing so will result in retaliation against the whistle-blower. While this is obviously illegal, that doesn’t make it any less threatening for an employee. If you work in an office environment, you need to understand the realities of sexual harassment and be able to recognize the environment that may be in place that allows it to happen.


It is the fear of being punished for reporting sexual harassment that allows harassment in the workplace to continue. This overall culture of acceptance is called a “hostile work environment” situation. In it, you may be subject to sexually demeaning and offensive acts on a regular basis. The culture of the office allows people to get away with disrespecting you, and it is illegal.

However, many employers who deserve to be taken to court aren’t, because their employees are afraid that by turning in their bosses, they will face demotion or ostracism in the work environment. In some ways, this is situation is similar to that of a rape case, in which the victim often feels like the one on trial.

But it is important to realize that retaliation for sexual harassment is also illegal, and will only serve to strengthen your case against your employer. It is crucial to speak up in order to prevent future sexual harassment.

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