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Retaliation to Wage Complaints

Workers are entitled to fair pay from their employers for any and all hours they work. However, some employers attempt to force their employees to work more than 40 hours a week without overtime pay, to attend unpaid trainings and other events, or they may even fail to pay their workers the federal minimum wage. Employees may accept these illegal conditions and wages because they fear that if they complain about the situation, their employer may retaliate.

However, workers are protected by law against retaliatory actions from their employers in response to complaints about unfair wages and other unlawful practices. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers are not only entitled to fair wages, but they are also legally protected from retaliation from their employer in response to:

  • Speaking up against unfair wages
  • Filing a formal complaint concerning wages
  • Participating in a wage dispute lawsuit

Retaliation from an employer may include behavior such as firing, demotion, layoffs, a severe reduction in assigned weekly hours, or the creation of a hostile work environment. If you or someone you know has faced retaliatory action from an employer after complaining about an unlawful practice, you may be able to pursue legal action against them in response.

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