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Severe Weather

Severe weather, even though it occurs naturally, can be extremely dangerous. There are a variety of storms that can cause damage in many ways, both to people who are working outdoors and those that have to commute to an indoor facility.

Severe thunderstorms carry torrential rains and heavy doses of lightning. High winds and hail can cause severe damage. Obviously, tornadoes and hurricanes are very powerful and can cause widespread destruction. Flash flooding can cause serious problems for those trying to get to work, regardless of the safety afforded by their office building.

Those who work outdoors are at a substantially greater risk for injury from weather problems than those who work indoors. Lightning and hail are dangerous because they can directly strike the workers. Rain, winds, and other forces can cause damage indirectly, as they can cause things to fall over or break.

In addition to those workers who have to perform their jobs outdoors during inclement weather, workers who are forced to come into the office and drive through flooding or other severe storms are put unnecessarily at risk. In some cases, the company can be held liable for the injuries suffered due to bad weather if the employees are forced to work in unsafe conditions.

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