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Skin Injuries at Work

Skin injuries are usually quite serious, and are most often the result of a burn. They are always extremely painful, and they can be seriously disfiguring and even life-threatening. Many burns occur in the home, as a result of leaving candles burning or forgetting to turn off appliances. There are, however, a disturbing number of burns that occur in the workplace each year.

Burns occur in a variety of ways. The most obvious would be with some form of fire. Many companies use fire or other heated materials in the production of goods. This puts the workers at risk of burn injuries on a daily basis. Metalworking shops, for example, are sources of burn injuries because they have to heat the materials in order to make them malleable.

In addition to working with fire, all workers are at risk of a burn injury from a building fire. If the company does not have the proper mechanisms in place to deal with a fire, they could put their employees at unnecessary risk.

Fire is not the only way to be burned, however. Chemical burns can be quite serious. Many chemicals, especially acids, can be extremely harmful when they come in direct contact with the skin. In addition to external burns, some gases can cause burns in the esophagus when their vapors are inhaled.

Skin injuries that occur in the workplace can often be quite serious. It is important to take every possible precaution to protect yourself, but it is also important that your employer works with you to make things as safe as possible.

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