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Terminations in Violation of Public Policy

Most employees in the United States are employed “at-will,” meaning that their employer can choose to discharge them for almost any reason. However, if the employee was terminated for a reason that was in violation of public policy, he or she may be able to pursue compensation in the form of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

If you or someone you know feels that your position has been wrongfully terminated, an experienced legal professional can help you to navigate this difficult process. Contact the Austin employment attorneys of The Melton Law Firm, at 512-330-0017 today to discuss your case with a knowledgeable member of our legal team and find out if you may qualify for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Types of Termination in Violation of Public Policy

There are several instances where employers are not allowed to fire employees, even if they were hired “at-will.” These rights of employees are generally protected under public policy. Cases of wrongful termination which involve public policy violation typically fall into four categories. These include the following:

  • Employees fired for refusing to break the law
  • Employees fired for reporting their employer’s unlawful activities
  • Employees fired because of their exercise of constitutional rights
  • Employees fired for attending jury duty or other civic functions

In these situations, the terminated employee may be able to seek legal action against their employer.

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If you or someone you know has lost your job in violation of public policy, you deserve compensation for your stress and lost wages. Contact the Austin employment lawyers of The Melton Law Firm, today at 512-330-0017 to discuss your case with an experienced legal professional and learn more about your options under the law.

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