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The Gender Wage Gap

One of the serious problems that confronts women in the workplace today is the “gender wage gap,” a term that describes the difference in average pay between men and women. While the Equal Pay Act of 1963 requires companies to pay men and women the same wage for the same job, there is still a shockingly large discrepancy between how much men earn on average and how much women earn on average.

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According to the US Government, in 2004, women were paid just over 75% of what men were paid. Fresh out of college, women make approximately 80% of what similarly educated men make, and this rate mysteriously plummets to just 69% by ten years after college. Somehow, as women get more experience, they get paid less than equally experienced and educated men. This data is equally shocking to researchers, who have noted that once factors like occupation, children, and work hours are taken into consideration, there is a 25% difference in what men and women are paid for the same work. The 25% is completely without explanation.

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It is against US Law for an employer to pay a woman and a man different wages if the jobs they perform are provably comparable in nature. If your employer is taking advantage of your hard work and not rewarding you for it, contact the Austin employment lawyers of The Melton Law Firm, by calling (512) 330-0017 today.

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