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Unemployment Compensation

When workers become unemployed through no fault of their own, they may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits from the state. Typically, quitting your job because you do not like it, you do not make enough money, or the hours do not suit you, are not sufficient reasons for terminating employment to make you eligible for unemployment assistance.

Unemployment assistance is considered to be a very temporary form of assistance to people who are:

  • Registered with the State Unemployment Office
  • Actively seeking new employment
  • Physically and mentally able to work
  • Has either made a certain salary or been at the previous job for a certain period of time

It is important to note that workers must have been employed for a certain amount of time to be eligible for these benefits. Hopping quickly from job to job does not grant a person these considerations. Also, they must actively be looking for work. This can be difficult to determine, but it is a stipulation nonetheless. Being available to work seems straightforward, but it can be a bit more difficult when there are medical issues or some family problems that result in the individual not being able to hold a job.

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