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Union Shops

In many fields, workers encounter the phrase “union shop,” and may not know what that actually entails. Especially in the American South and Southwest, where unions are not particularly strong, workers may not know what the term means, or if it applies to them.

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Defining the Term

A “union shop” describes a relationship which a union has with an employer, in which the employer may hire both union members and employees not in a union to work at their company, but must fire the non-union employees if they do not join the union after a certain period of time. In this sense, the agreement is a form of protection for union workers.

The power of the union is derived from its ability to collectively bargain; that is, its ability to represent all employees at a given employer through strikes, walk-outs, or other bargaining measures. If the union does not represent all the employees, or the employees are not united in their actions, the union’s ability to collectively bargain is hampered, and it loses power.

Additionally, when unions are representing dues-paying members and non-members equally, union members are effectively paying for nothing. This is called the “free rider” problem, because the non-union employees are benefiting equally from the pay and work of the union members.

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