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Work Visas

The United States requires that foreign nationals seeking employment in this country possess a work visa. There are a wide variety of different visas issued by the US Government, each for a different situation. If you are a citizen of a foreign nation and you are seeking employment in the United States, it may help to be familiar with the various visas which may affect you.

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Types of Work Visas

The United States has a long list of visas specifically covering foreign nationals being employed in this country. Some of the most common are:

  • The H-1B visa: The H-1B covers most professional-level occupations. To file for an H-1B visa, the position you are applying for must require a bachelor’s degree, and you must hold the equivalent of such a degree.
  • The L-1 Visa: The L-1 visa is for employees who are being transferred internationally to a different branch of their company. You must have worked for this company for at least one year in the past three, and you must be serving in an executive or managerial position.
  • The TN Visa: The TN visa is for certain citizens of Mexico and Canada to work in the United States. Unlike the H-1B visa, there is no annual cap on how many can be issued.

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