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Former UTSA professor files wrongful termination lawsuit

A former professor of economics at the University of Texas San Antonio who was fired in 2007 for viewing pornography on his work computer has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The man taught at the university for nearly three decades and had tenure before he was fired. He claims that they tried to damage is reputation by targeting him for child pornography. He has confirmed that he did see pornography on his work computer, but stated that he has never accessed child pornography.

The investigation into the man began when a student reported that she heard noises when he was alone in his office and decided that he was viewing pornography.

He denied this, but after computer records showed that he had, he claimed that he may have after a long work day. Child pornography was never found and he received a clean bill of mental health, but was fired anyway. Officials at the university say that this was because he accessed “sexually explicit” websites, which is against school policy, and then he lied about it.

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