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Texas wage violation complaints continue to increase

The Department of Labor and the Texas Workforce Commission reported that cases of unpaid employee wages in Texas have increased notably in recent years.

Researchers calculate that complaints have doubled to 3,053 in 2012 from 1,558 in 2009. Agencies have also collected data of $13 million in unpaid wages in 2012, a considerably larger amount than the $10 million in unpaid wages reported in 2009.

Texas Workforce Commission spokesperson, Tessa Givens, mentioned that a small fraction of employers in the Texas area are, indeed, not complying with the set wage arrangements.

Austin employment attorney, Mitchell Reichmann, said penalties for not complying with labor codes aren’t consequential enough to significantly affect an employer’s business.

Employees have the right to a healthy work environment, just wages, and protection against discrimination. When these rights are infringed on by co-workers or employers, an experienced attorney might be necessary. If you experience workplace injustice in the Austin area, contact The Melton Law Firm, at (512) 330-0017.

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