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House committee releases report on FDA’s “highly invasive” surveillance of employees

The United States House of Representatives oversight and government reform committee and the Senate judiciary committee issued a committee report on Wednesday, February 26 regarding the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) utilizing a stringent monitoring program on its employees who had talked to Congress and the media, calling the process “highly invasive.”

House committee chairman Darrell Issa (Republican of California) and Senate judiciary committee ranking member Chuck Grassley (Republican of Iowa) said they found evidence that this surveillance was not sanctioned and that whistle blowers were not given proper protections.

Grassley said legally protected communications channels are safe from snooping and that “three whistle blowers thought the FDA was caving to pressure from the companies that were applying for FDA approval of whom two were fired, two more were forced to leave the FDA, and five were subjected to an intense spying campaign.”

Employees and workers have legally protected rights under state and federal law. As such, employers who violate these rights can and should be legally held liable. Seek the legal help our attorneys at The Melton Law Firm if you live in Austin and have been unfairly treated at work. You can reach us at 512-330-0017.

Whistle-blowing professor fired, files claim

A former professor in Dallas claims that she was wrongfully fired from her job after reporting sexual harassment against her superior.

Former Southern Methodist University professor Patricia Davis filed a complaint on April 9 alleging that she was terminated from her post after reporting her former superior Rick Halperin of acting inappropriately towards women in the university. She states that university administrators did not take her seriously and she was fired a day after she asked for an appeal. According to the termination letter, Davis made false accusations of sexual harassment and worked poorly with the program and other staff.

Davis also said in her suit that she was warned by Halperin to look for another job if ever she told anyone about his conduct.   

Not only are employees protected from sexual harassment in the workplace, but they should also receive protection from being wrongfully terminated for reporting such misconduct. Thus, if you have been unfairly fired and/or subjected to harassment in the workplace, our lawyers at The Melton Law Firm, can fight for your rights. Call us at (512) 330-0017 to discuss your situation.

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