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Former staff member sues Rep. Jackson Lee

Texas Representative Shelia Jackson Lee’s former legislative director is suing  Jackson Lee on the basis of disability discrimination. The former employee suffers from monocular vision, which means that each eye is used separately. This can cause headaches, eye strain and fatigue, physical fatigue, as well as reduced reading speed and comprehension.

The woman claims Jackson Lee forced her to work long hours with no breaks, disregarding her disability. According to the lawsuit, she is seeking compensation for punitive damages, back wages, lost earnings, and attorney fees.

Jackson Lee’s office says they will not comment on internal office affairs.

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Former UTSA professor files wrongful termination lawsuit

A former professor of economics at the University of Texas San Antonio who was fired in 2007 for viewing pornography on his work computer has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The man taught at the university for nearly three decades and had tenure before he was fired. He claims that they tried to damage is reputation by targeting him for child pornography. He has confirmed that he did see pornography on his work computer, but stated that he has never accessed child pornography.

The investigation into the man began when a student reported that she heard noises when he was alone in his office and decided that he was viewing pornography.

He denied this, but after computer records showed that he had, he claimed that he may have after a long work day. Child pornography was never found and he received a clean bill of mental health, but was fired anyway. Officials at the university say that this was because he accessed “sexually explicit” websites, which is against school policy, and then he lied about it.

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Wal-Mart employee files racial discrimination suit

A stocker at Wal-Mart has not filed a racial discrimination lawsuit after he was yelled at by his supervisor and told to “hurry up.”

The man filed the lawsuit in late June in the Eastern District of Texas. He stated that the manager created a hostile work environment by telling employees to “hurry up” and telling them that they were “too slow.”

The man stated that the manager treated him differently because he had an Asian accent and had dark skin. He also claims that he was denied promotions because of he is a native of the island of Palau. He is now seeking damages for adjusted pay, mental distress, and emotional suffering.

If you or a loved one has been treated unfairly at work because of your race, you need experienced representation on your side. Contact the Austin race discrimination lawyers of The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017.

Bank settles discrimination claims

Nixon State Bank has recently settled claims that alleged discrimination based on national origin.

The complaint alleges that the bank charged higher prices to Hispanic borrowers who made loans and that this violated the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

The settlement states that the Nixon Bank must pay nearly $100,000, conduct employee training and establish uniform pricing.

Until 2009, the bank allowed loan officers discretion when they set their interest rates for borrowers, which resulted in pricing that was not fair to all. The complaint alleged that the Hispanic community saw the largest impact.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of discrimination, you need experienced representation on your side. Contact the Austin national origin discrimination lawyer of The Melton Law Firm by calling (512) 330-0017 today.

Man going to jail after stalking former co-worker for four years

A man is going to jail after stalking a former co-worker for nearly four years.

The jury charged the man with third-degree stalking and sentenced him to four years in prison. The issue began in 2005 when the man approached a co-worker and told her “If you play your cards right, I’ll let you take me to lunch.”

The woman never dated the man, but he continued to ask her places and pursue her while at work until he was fired for sexual harassment in October of that year. That month, the man sent the woman a 6-page letter and a bouquet of flowers at work. Then, a family member of the man contacted the woman to warn her so she then went to the police.

She then got a restraining order in May 2006, but he continued to call and email her. He continued to talk to her and threaten her, she then moved from Louisiana to Houston. He then started making visits to her house and was told that he was not wanted there.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual assault at work, contact the Austin sexual harassment lawyers of The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017 today.

Ashley Furniture settles wage dispute complaint

The owner of Ashley Furniture HomeStores has now settled complaints about wage violations and has agreed to pay 170 present and former employees.

The owner will be paying a total of $57,000 to the employees that worked at the Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland stores in Texas and a store in Hobbs, N.M.

An executive with the store say that the issue did not occur on purpose, but because the there was a the wage regulations were not known. After an investigation, many violations were found such as employees not be compensated for mandatory store meetings, commission workers not always receiving minimum wage, not paying time and a half for overtime wages.

If you or a loved one has been not been receiving the wages that you have earned, contact the Austin overtime & wage dispute lawyers of The Melton Law Firm,  by calling 512-330-0017 today.

Jurors hear opening statements in retaliation case

Jurors will hear opening statements Tuesday in the case against the Wrinkle County Sheriff that allegedly helped to retaliate against two nurses after they made an anonymous complaint about a doctor to state regulators.

The doctor was friend’s with the sheriff and the two nurses claim that he helped to get them fired. The sheriff is charged with misuse of official information, felony retaliation, and misdemeanor official oppression.

If convicted of the charges, he could face up to 10 years in prison.  In 2009, the two nurses sent an unsigned letter to the Texas Medical Board complaining that the doctor improperly told patients to buy herbal medicines and wanted to perform home procedures and use the hospital’s supplies when doing so.

The doctor then went to the sheriff and asked him to investigate who sent the letter. The women were charged with misuse of information, but the charges were later dropped.

If you or a loved one has been retaliated against for speaking up against corruption, you need experienced representation on your side. Contact the Austin whistleblower retaliation lawyers of The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017.

Bandera County deputy settles whistleblower lawsuit

A former Bandera County deputy has now settled a whistleblower lawsuit against the county and the sheriff after the deputy’s complaints caused the sheriff to lose his job.

According to recently released records, the former deputy received $270,000 in the settlement. Although the man was happy to receive the money, he announced that he was more happy to see a criminal prosecution against the sheriff.

The 44-year-old man filed a lawsuit that stated that he was fired in May 2009 after he reported “unlawful, irregular and corrupt activities” within the department. The man was fired after nine years as a deputy for Bandera County.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of retaliation after a whistblower incident, contact the Austin whistleblower attorneys of The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017.

Discrimination claims made against Bastrop ISD

Claims of discrimination that have been made against the Bastrop Independent School District  has lead to changes in the district.

The incident that lead to the claims occurred in February when the principal of Bastrop Middle School asked only the African-American students to discuss their performance on the TAKS test.

The vice principal said that the meeting was called to find solutions  for educational problems within the school, but others thought that it was the school blaming African-American students for shortcomings that the school saw in their test scores. School district officials also thought that this was the wrong approach. A first ever diversity plan is being thought up right now to help with the issue.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, contact the Austin race discrimination lawyers of The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017.

Manager claims racial discrimination after not receiving promotion

A area equipment manager at Armstrong Inc. has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company after she claims that they passed her over for a promotion because of her race.

The woman is a Hispanic female and claims that she has worked for the defendant since January 2005 as a manager in the Fort Worth area. Her claim was made after she was skipped over for a promotion and it was given to a white male.

The woman stated that she had more seniority for the position, but was never even given the opportunity to go for the job. The defendant’s CEO allegedly told her that she was too quiet and unassertive for the position. She was then terminated after she refused to sign a non-compete agreement.

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