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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Employers’ Responsibilities

The Act covers all employees except state and local government workers, family-run farms, and anyone who is self-employed. All other employers are required to:

  • Recognize and prevent all avoidable hazards
  • Provide necessary safety equipment to workers
  • Be familiar with all safety codes related to their work environments

If an employee is injured by a hazard that his or her employer should have been able to predict and prevent, the employer may be legally responsible for the injury.

Blowing the Whistle

Unfortunately not all employers adhere to this important Act as closely as they should. Some of them cut corners in an attempt to save money, while others are simply not willing to make the effort to follow regulations. When workers find themselves in unsafe environments, it takes a lot of courage for them to report their employers and face the potential retaliation.

Fortunately for workers everywhere, many workers have stepped forward over the years to alert the authorities to unsafe working condition. According to federal law, blowing the whistle on OSHA violations is a legally protected act. This means that no one can be terminated, harassed, or otherwise retaliated against for performing this important act.

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