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Austin Employment Lawyer

The rights and interests of Austin employees are protected under both state and federal law. When employers or co-workers infringe upon these rights, however, fighting for justice is not always easy – especially without the help of an experienced Austin employment lawyer. At The Melton Law Firm, we understand that confronting discriminatory practices, harassment, or wage violations is often a difficult thing to do, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Austin Employment Law Practice Areas

John Melton is board-certified in labor and employment law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has years of experience representing employees both in and out of court. He understands the complexities of both state and federal employment statutes, and can handle cases involving:

Of course, not all employment law violations are caused by discrimination on the basis of age, race, or sex. Our Austin employment attorneys of The Melton Law Firm have both the skills and the experience to efficiently resolve cases of:

Experienced and Professional Legal Representation

Even when employers break the law, it is often emotionally, financially, and psychologically difficult for employees to fight their employers in or out of court, and many employees suffer in silence for fear of further consequences. Our employment attorneys, however, believe that no employee should have to endure such treatment. Dedicated to a professional, yet compassionate approach, we will pursue justice while ensuring that your wishes, needs, and wants come first.

Resolutions in employment law disputes are frequently as complex as the laws under which they occur. The difficult task of proving your case requires a legal professional who understands the legal battlefield both in and out of court. There are numerous deadlines and procedural steps that must be met in employment cases even before a lawsuit is filed. Don’t settle for less than you deserve in your employment law case – contact our employment lawyers to discuss your case today.