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Man going to jail after stalking former co-worker for four years

A man is going to jail after stalking a former co-worker for nearly four years.

The jury charged the man with third-degree stalking and sentenced him to four years in prison. The issue began in 2005 when the man approached a co-worker and told her “If you play your cards right, I’ll let you take me to lunch.”

The woman never dated the man, but he continued to ask her places and pursue her while at work until he was fired for sexual harassment in October of that year. That month, the man sent the woman a 6-page letter and a bouquet of flowers at work. Then, a family member of the man contacted the woman to warn her so she then went to the police.

She then got a restraining order in May 2006, but he continued to call and email her. He continued to talk to her and threaten her, she then moved from Louisiana to Houston. He then started making visits to her house and was told that he was not wanted there.

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