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Austin Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, still a prevalent problem in Austin workplaces. Though highly controversial and often awkward to discuss, sexual harassment is a very real challenge faced by many Austin employees on a daily basis. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome sexual advances or requests, both physical and verbal, which are implicitly or explicitly tied to the employee’s work status, or which unreasonably affect the employee’s performance or work environment.

Effects of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can take an emotional, psychological, and/or work-related toll on victims. It can result in such things as:

Proving Sexual Harassment

One of the reasons sexual harassment enforcement is still inadequate is the difficulty of proving cases in court. Not only can offenders claim to simply be misunderstood individuals, but many victims are intimidated into keeping quiet by being threatened with retaliation, being ostracized by their co-workers, or being ridiculed by supervisors.

Our Austin sexual harassment lawyers of The Melton Law Firm understand the burden that many victims bear, and is dedicated to helping victims of harassment regain their position, their status, and their dignity.

To learn more about legal options for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, contact The Melton Law Firm today.

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