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High Rate of Workplace Discrimination Claims in Florida

According to data from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there were 8,088 workplace discrimination claims filed in Florida last year, putting the state just behind Texas and 2nd in the nation.

Legal professionals suggest that the recession and current state of the economy may contribute to the pace of these claims. Additional factors leading to the high rate of these cases may include the sizable population and the concentration of minority workers. This is the third consecutive year that Florida has had the 2nd most claims.

Workplace discrimination is a serious concern that can prevent a person from being able to perform their job, and it can also cause intense emotional distress. Contact the Austin employment lawyers of The Melton Law Firm, if you have been discriminated against in the workplace.

Dallas hospital being investigated for alleged retaliation

Regulators are currently investigating a retaliation case after a Dallas hospital allegedly fired a social worker when she filed a complaint against her supervisors when they asked her to violate regulations.

According to the Department of State Health Services, a lawsuit has now been filed against the Parkland Memorial Hospital after a former social worker was fired for stating that her supervisors asked her to transcribe the vouchers for medication, talk about medications with patients and also discuss different “medication options with doctors.”

Social workers should make recommendation for medication prescriptions or transcribe vouchers. The lawsuit claims that the woman was fired shortly after reporting this issue. This is not the first incident that has come about at the hospital and regulators are now stating the the hospital needs a complete overhaul.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of retaliation in the workplace, you need representation on your side at this time that may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact the Austin retaliation lawsuit lawyers of The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017 today.

College of the Mainland employee claims retaliation

An employee at the College of the Mainland has sued the school claiming that her supervisor violated her civil rights by demoting her, ostracizing her and suspending her after she was the witness in a previous sexual harassment case.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was an administrative assistant that claims that she has been the retaliated against for being a witness. The original lawsuit was filed in July 2008 by a former employee against her supervisor.

This new lawsuit is the eighth one brought against the college since 2009. Each lawsuit has claimed some type of civil rights violation that has allegedly occurred on the campus. College officials have not commented on this current lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has been retaliated against after speaking up for your rights, you need experienced representation that may be able to help you fight for the compensation that you deserve. Contact the Austin workplace retaliation lawyers of The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017.

LAPD officers awarded in gender discrimination lawsuit

Three veteran LAPD officers have been awarded $2.5 million in a retaliation and gender discrimination lawsuit that was filed against their supervisors.

This case was filed by three senior detectives in the Fugitive Warrants Section(two males and one female) and their claims go back to their training days in 1972.

The suit alleges that a former female lieutenant allegedly rebuked one of the detectives in training and she  made it clear that she wanted only female detectives to be supervisors during their night-shift. She also allegedly told one of the female detectives that she wanted her to spy on the male detectives.

When one of the male detectives got into an argument with the lieutenant, she allegedly moved him to a desk assignment and took away his detective role. When two of the detectives tried to talk to the captain about these claims, they were allegedly ignored. One of the detectives was transferred out of this section and another was pressured to leave it.

If you or a loved one has been retaliated against after speaking up about discrimination in your workplace, you need experienced representation on your side. Contact the Austin workplace retaliation lawyers of The Melton Law Firm by calling 512-330-0017.

Former SAPD employee files sexual discrimination lawsuit

A former San Antonio police department employee filed a sexual discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against the city and it has now been settled.

According to documents, the city must pay the woman $155,000 after being fired from the department in 2008. The woman began to work in the department as a graduate intern in 1995 and then became a full-time employee in 1996. She was then promoted until she reached senior management analyst.

The woman filed a lawsuit in 2007 and claimed that she faced discrimination, harassment and mistreatment from her new supervisor. She then said that she faced retaliation for filing the suit, which ultimately lead to her termination.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of workplace retaliation, contact the Austin workplace retaliation lawyers of The Melton Law Firm, by calling 512-330-0017

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