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Austin icon remains in hospice care

A local Austin icon, Leslie Cochran, remains in hospice care at this time and residents are joining together in order to raise funds for any medical bills that may arise.

According to the Daily Texan Online, Cochran has been in the hospital since Feb. 16 when he was found unconscious on South Fifth Street. Officials have stated that Cochran’s condition is a result of a motorcycle accident that occurred 25 years ago in Colorado combined with another head injury that occurred in 2009 when he fell down a curb.

The head injuries left Cochran with seizures that would occur once a month. Friends stated that he would go into the hospital when he knew a seizure would be coming.

Recently, Cochran was unable to always make it to the hospital before they occurred and it is thought that this is what happened on the day he was found.


Austin news: ‘No Refusal’ initiative continues through Fat Tuesday

Austin police held a ‘No Refusal’ initiative this weekend in order to prevent impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel after Mardi Gras celebrations.

According to the Austin-American Statesman, the initiative began on Feb. 17 and will continue through Fat Tuesday on Feb. 21. Additional patrol will run from 9 p.m .to 5 a.m. During a ‘No Refusal’ initiative, a person’s blood can be drawn if they are pulled over and suspected of drunk driving, but they refuse a breathalyzer.

These initiativse are put into place during times of heavy drinking such as holidays and the Super Bowl.  Austin has a very high rate of DWI arrests and last year alone nearly 24 percent of their traffic fatalities involved alcohol.

The Austin employment lawyers of The Melton Law Firm are wishing you and your family and fun and safe Mardi Gras.

Austin florists prepare for busiest day of the year

Florists in the Austin are preparing for the busiest day of the year, Valentine’s Day.

According to KXAN news, the Ben White Florists in South Austin has stated that they will be delivering at least 400 bundles of flowers this holiday. The owner of the Ben White Florist has stated that the only other time of year that there is this  much business is the Christmas season.

Since last year, the business has increased its revenue by 50 percent. In order to plan for this holiday, flower shops begin to prepare as far back as the summer months.


Austin Party boat fire linked to arson

A party boat fire that occurred on Lady Bird Lake in Austin after propane heating tanks exploded on the vessel has now been linked to arson.

According to officials with the Austin Fire Department, witnesses said that people were seen leaving the boat after the fire broke out, but police only know of one person that is involved at this time.

The owner of the boat said that he did not know of anyone who would do this. The fire broke out on the 70-foot paddle-wheel boat around 2 p.m on Christmas day. Two smaller boats on the marina were also damaged, but luckily there were no injuries.

The Austin employment lawyers are interested in keeping members of the community in the know.  For more information on this story and others, visit Statesman online today.

Austin proposes to ban paper, plastic bags in city

The city of Austin has drafted a proposal that would ban the use of most plastic and paper bags in the city.

According to the bill, by 2013, retailers can begin to charge 25 cents for plastic bags and by 2016, bags will be completely removed from most all retailers.

There are a few exceptions to this ban and those include, carry out food bags, wine and beer bags, bags for meat and fish, pharmaceutical bags and bags for bulk food. The bill states that retailers must offer reusable fabric bags. The draft may be voted on by City Council next month.

The Austin employment lawyers are interested in keeping Austin residents informed on news in the area. For more information, visit the Statesman online today.

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