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EEOC accuses Austin Fire Department of racial discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that the Austin Fire Department has discriminated against Latinos and African-Americans in their hiring process. Fire-fighter exams, which must be submitted with an application to the fire department, were allegedly biased against minorities.

The Department of Justice informed Austin through a letter that the fire department’s employment application practices were biased.

AFD Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr maintains that the perceived discrimination was “unintentional”, and that applicants with the highest scores were hired.

Kerr also noted in the 2012 fire department review that they encouraged female candidates, as well as candidates of other races, to apply for the positions.

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Texas man appeals suit alleging wrongful termination by Attorney General’s Office

After having his discrimination lawsuit dismissed by a lower court, Vic Gardner, a former employee with the Texas Attorney General’s Office, has filed an appeal, stating that upon discovering Gardner was gay at a Halloween party, his boss created a hostile work environment, resulting in Gardner’s eventual resignation.

His claim states that the discrimination started when Gardner was assumed as a gay by his supervisor after he dressed up as a geisha girl at a Halloween party in their office. Gardner was supposedly treated differently by his supervisor, who reportedly admitted to having a “religious objection” to Gardner’s sexual orientation, after the party and was habitually disciplined, causing him to resign in February 2013.

In his appeal, Gardner is seeking damages for lost income, medical bills, and emotional suffering.

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Woman fired from Houston Chronicle, claims gender discrimination

A 30-year-old woman who was recently fired from her full-time job at the Houston Chronicle for working part-time as a stripper has now filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the company.

After another paper revealed the reporter’s second job, the Chronicle let the woman go and she is now asking the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  to investigate the case.

According to CNN News, the woman covered fashion, human interest stories, high society and other general assignment stories. The woman stated that she “rarely” worked as a dancer anymore, but it was a job that put her through college.

A legal representative for the woman stated that her being fired from the job is gender discrimination because firing a woman for working as an exotic dancer has a negative impact on women only, because it is such a predominantly female occupation.

Supreme Court rules on religious leaders

The Supreme Court has made a ruling on federal discrimination laws and whether or not they protect religious organizations.

This ruling states  that workers in certain religious organizations can not seek protection under federal workplace discrimination laws because religious leaders can choose the best person to lead their mission separate from the state. This is because of the First Amendment right that guarantees the freedom of religion.

Although some agree with this new law, others thing it will an easy way for abuse to occur in religious workplaces. This ruling came about after a teacher at a religious school claimed that she was fired for having narcolepsy and that this violated the Americans with Disability Act. The court ruled against her claiming that the religious organization have the right to chose who preaches their beliefs.

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