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NLRB to press charges against Walmart for threatening employees planning to strike

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced on Monday, November 18 that it will hold Walmart Stores, Inc. liable for engaging in unfair business practices against its workers who sought to go on strike last year.

The charges stem from threats allegedly made by Walmart spokesperson David Tovar in a CBS Evening News interview last year wherein he claimed “there would be consequences” for employees who did not report to their shifts in order to strike.

Other charges that were filed by Walmart employees, which had support from the United Food and Commercial Workers, were declared to hold no merit by the labor board. The NLRB dismissed an employee’s complaint that his rights were violated because he was pushed by security hired by the company off of store property. Another dismissed claim was that Walmart was allegedly changing employees’ work schedules as vengeance for the strike.

Approximately 400 Walmart employees participated in last year’s Black Friday strikes, protesting the company’s unfair wages and benefits and conflicting work schedules.

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Texas ranks highest in number of workplace discrimination complaints

Last year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received more complaints from the state of Texas than any other state in the nation, according to a recently released report.

During the fiscal year there were nearly 10,000 complaints made the EEOC from the state of Texas out of the total of 99,947 nationwide. Out of the complaints filed in the state, the most common claims stated that employees were retaliated against after they fought discrimination in some form or another.

The second and third most common reasons were gender and race discrimination. Attorneys have stated that Texas may have more complaints because the large population of Texas residents compared to other states.

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