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Texas had the greatest number of charges filed with the EEOC in 2013

Texas had the highest number of workplace harassment and discrimination cases filed with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) last year, with 9,068 charges filed in Texas out of all the charges filed with the EEOC in 2013, which totaled 93,727.

Second to Texas was Florida with 7,597 charges filed. California, Georgia, and Illinois followed Florida’s lead, with 6,892; 5,162; and 4,781 charges filed with the EEOC respectively.

Retaliation headed the list of discrimination charges in Texas, comprising around 41% of all cases, followed by racial discrimination at 35.3%; sex discrimination, which included sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination at 29.5%; and discrimination due to disability at 27.7%.

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JP Morgan & Chase to pay almost $1.5M to settle sexual harassment lawsuit

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported on Tuesday, February 4 that multinational banking and financial services holding company JP Morgan & Chase will pay a settlement amount of nearly $1.5 million to 16 women who filed sexual harassment claims. The women were all employed in the bank’s call center in its Polaris Park office in Columbus, Ohio.

The lawsuit claimed the women were working in a hostile environment due to “sexist behavior” from the company’s other employees, such as people in supervisory positions and other mortgage bankers. It further alleged that the women were constantly receiving sexually-charged comments and were usually the subject of sexually-charged conversations.

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Gender discrimination case against UTMB dropped

A gender discrimination case against the University of Texas Medical Branch, filed after a nurse claimed that she was fired for an extramarital affair, has been dropped.

The decision in the case was reached last week and the case was dismissed. The centered around two nurses who were employed at UTMB, each of whom had a spouse working in another area of the university.

A confrontation involving the nurses and the male nurse’s spouse occurred in front of other UTMB employees and the woman who filed the suit ended the relationship as a result. The next day, the man complained of sexual harassment and both employees stated that they would no longer speak.

After three complaints, it was recommended that the woman be fired. The opinion stated that “violations of the sexual harassment policy were validated.” The woman was fired, but filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

To read more on this case, visit the Galveston Daily News online.

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